Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Would you judge me if....

Would you judge me if I married a FOB? 

What??? of course not! 
Of course.  You're my best friend.
I will only judge your decision by the way your man treats you.
What if he said we had to have our wedding in the village his parents live in and then we're going to have ghetto pictures?
These things aren't that important.  What's important is that you have a happy marriage.  You totally have eldest daughter syndrome.  

Ummmm actually the wedding is important.
Anyway there's a difference between a REAL FOB and a FOB.  I know you wouldn't actually marry a REAL FOB.
What do you mean?
A REAL FOB is like when a girl goes back home and marries a guy that she bring here and he'll come and work for her dad or uncle.  That's very different than a guy that came to the US on his own and is already established.  You can totally marry one of those guys.


  1. I never heard of the word "fob" before. I had to use urban dictionary to look for it. So, that is what you call us, fob :) Sounds funny but I like it more than what the department of immigration call us, "aliens" :)

  2. welcome jaraad! fob is such a common word in my vocabulary, especially these days. I forget it's not a dictionary word sometimes.