Friday, June 17, 2011

We talked and talked and talked

Juice and I chatted online and I finally gave him my number after the third time he asked. Letting a boy I liked call me was a big step for me at that time. I knew this meant things would likely progress and I felt a little guilty. Guilt is a feeling I'm still battling to overcome and it largely stems from the community I was raised in and the way mom and dad (mainly dad) brought me up. Who knows though, this could just be my future husband-so then it would be ok!

At this time Juice attended school in a different state, and things did progress. We talked on the phone for hours a day-and I mean like 4,5,sometimes 6 hours a day. He called me every chance he could and I was usually staring at my phone screen waiting for the moment. There weren't any akward silences or boring babble, we always had something to talk about. He was very intellectual. He had a lot of opinions on politics, culture, religion and so did I. We sent each other youtube clips and links of interesting commentaries.

We talked about his past relationship which was a subject I was very curious about.  He fed into some of the fantasies that he knew every girl shares.  "So where is your dream honeymoon destination?"

He also read Qu'ran like a sheikh and would send me clips of his various recitations so that I could proudly upload them onto my ipod to have with me. That's my man!

At 24 It was the first time I remember having this type of attention from a guy. Not just any guy, but a pretty hot dentist...and it was exciting!

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