Saturday, July 30, 2011

In case noone ever told you this before

Don't leave something good to see if you can find better because once you realize you had the best, the best found better

Friday, July 15, 2011

Breaking down the walls

At this point me and Juice had hung out casually a couple of times.  I was still battling the guilt of doing something wrong, but I was getting over it because I thought of him as my future fiance.  In fact, I was getting more and more comfortable and bold with him.

Shortly after our lunch together we met for breakfast at a charming French cafe and bakery.  He had never been there and I wanted him to try it; it was in the university area so we assumed it was "safe enough" (meaning less likely to bump into family friends).    These are the types of things I would imagine myself doing with a a guy while I was in my boy-crazy phase: dress up in light colors and high wedged sandals to go eat crepes and sip cappuccinos in cozy, hidden places.

While we were standing in line looking at menus I felt someone touch my arm and turned to find an old friend of a friend from college whose name I actually couldn't remember right away.  We embraced, said our hellos and asked how "so and so..." were doing.  Juice intentionally didn't look up and even conspicuously took a step away from me so that I didn't feel obligated to introduce him, but it was too late and obvious to her that we were together.  When she left I told him I'm not worried, she's not even Arab or Muslim anyway.  When I told my mom about my encounter she reprimanded me and told me I need to be more careful so that people we knew didn't get the wrong idea.

On a pleasantly gloomy afternoon we wanted to visit this downtown museum.  Actually it was something that I wanted to do, and he just kind of wanted to do whatever I wanted.  We had to walk a couple of blocks from where we parked and partly on an uphill slope so that I was holding on to his arm.  I spotted a Muslim, Arab-looking family walking opposite us-an elderly lady in hijab with an elderly man and a few younger children.  Juice had was very laid back (a little too laid back-but that's to come later) and his demeanor was unaffected, but I certainly tensed up for a moment.  I studied them from a distance and to my relief I was certain I didn't know who they were.  So as we passed each other by I confidently greeted them with "salaam alaikum" and a big smile while still holding tightly on to his arm.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

There's only 2 things guys want

The more guys I know the more I believe all the crap my brother tells me is so very true


My brother eloquently explained to me that there's only two things a guy wants from a girl:
2) genuine affection-like listening to him when he wants to vent, caring about his bad day, etc

No I'm pretty sure they also want hot cooked food and babies

Well hot cooked food goes under the affection category, and babies goes under sex.  Trust me it all comes down to sex and affection for guys.

Well then you'd think more of them would be serious about wanting to get married then

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The first time I went out with him

It was a rainy spring day the first time I went out with Juice.  I'm a hopeless romantic by nature and was slightly disappointed when I noticed he didn't have any flowers for me in his hand.  It was a lunch date and I chose the place- a downtown artsy sandwich shop that was popular amongst tourists.  It was early in our relationship and I figured I would least likely bump into anyone I knew there.  Neither of us had an umbrella so he pulled the car up in front of the restaurant and let me down then went to go park and walk on his own.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous,  I was very nervous but I tried so hard to act carefree and confident.  I asked questions in an attempt to lead conversation but I looked slightly down or slightly off to the side as I was talking.  It was very hard for me to look at him directly for more than a second without giving myself away.  His sparkly green eyes were intimidatingly beautiful and when I looked up at him he was always staring at me and smiling.  It didn't help that he smelled so good either.  I would blush and look down pretending like I was very interested in my sandwich.

He knew how nervous he made me.  He told me I looked beautiful although I was quite underdressed next to him.  I was wearing a shrug over a T-shirt and jeans.  He was wearing a crisp white shirt and gray dress pants.  I asked him if he liked the place I picked, and he answered that his sandwich was good but what's even better is the company he was sitting with.  Then he looked up and smiled at me and I got butterflies in my stomach.