Sunday, July 3, 2011

The first time I went out with him

It was a rainy spring day the first time I went out with Juice.  I'm a hopeless romantic by nature and was slightly disappointed when I noticed he didn't have any flowers for me in his hand.  It was a lunch date and I chose the place- a downtown artsy sandwich shop that was popular amongst tourists.  It was early in our relationship and I figured I would least likely bump into anyone I knew there.  Neither of us had an umbrella so he pulled the car up in front of the restaurant and let me down then went to go park and walk on his own.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous,  I was very nervous but I tried so hard to act carefree and confident.  I asked questions in an attempt to lead conversation but I looked slightly down or slightly off to the side as I was talking.  It was very hard for me to look at him directly for more than a second without giving myself away.  His sparkly green eyes were intimidatingly beautiful and when I looked up at him he was always staring at me and smiling.  It didn't help that he smelled so good either.  I would blush and look down pretending like I was very interested in my sandwich.

He knew how nervous he made me.  He told me I looked beautiful although I was quite underdressed next to him.  I was wearing a shrug over a T-shirt and jeans.  He was wearing a crisp white shirt and gray dress pants.  I asked him if he liked the place I picked, and he answered that his sandwich was good but what's even better is the company he was sitting with.  Then he looked up and smiled at me and I got butterflies in my stomach.

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